Childbirth Preparation Classes and Breastfeeding Support
with Dianne Randall, LCCE, IBCLC North County Birth and Beyond is an innovative, honest, unbiased and entertaining approach to teaching childbirth education. It is created especially for today’s educated, informed, and busy parents-to-be. The fast-paced, interactive courses are based on current medical science and practice. They help expectant parents establish realistic goals and make responsible, informed decisions throughout pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding, and as a new family. Attendees learn simple, flexible, interactive techniques and return home more knowledgeable, more confident, less anxious, and fully prepared to deliver and care for their newborn.
I was the pediatrician in your class.  Your class was soooooooo very helpful in so many ways.  I did have an epidural, but prior to that I had to have pitocin, so definitely experienced a few painful contractions before the epidural.  We think the most helpful thing of all was that back pain relief thing you taught the men (where they put pressure on the lower back with the heel of their hand). The other thing we thought was so helpful, was your description of “those women” coming to help, and your description of what the new mom’s first few days would be like–a GREAT and very realistic picture .We just wanted to say thanks again.  We really LOVED your class, and felt it prepared us very well for this exciting chapter of our lives.Dr. Melissa Weiss
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